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New Rental Allowance for Employees in Luxembourg Effective May 22, 2024

  • MMC
  • 19 of June 2024

The Luxembourg law enacted on May 22, 2024, aimed at boosting the housing market in Luxembourg, introduced a new rental allowance for employees. To qualify for an exemption of this allowance up to 25%, several conditions must be met...

MMC named preferred partner in Graebel Partner Alliance for 2024

  • MMC
  • 7 of March 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Management Mobility Consulting (MMC) has been recognized as a preferred partner in the esteemed Graebel Partner Alliance for the year 2024. And this, for the second consecutive year! This recognition reflects our team's relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Series: Get essential updates on the 2024 Games with Paris Info Jeux 2024

  • MMC
  • 29 of February 2024

If you want to stay informed about what's happening in Paris before and during the 2024 Olympic Games, the "Paris Info Jeux 2024" newsletter launched by the City of Paris is a valuable tool. With personalized registration—where you define the topics that interest you—you'll receive tailored information.

Update on French immigration Law: reform and impact

  • MMC
  • 22 of February 2024

Legislative changes were enacted on January 27th 2024, following decisions by the French Constitutional Council. These measures, subject to implementing decrees, introduce significant changes to the landscape of immigration in France.

The Luxembourg real estate market: analysis of rental demand in 2024

  • MMC
  • 15 of February 2024

Since mid-2022, the Luxembourg real estate market has undergone significant change, mainly due to rising interest rates, which have prompted many buyers to postpone their purchase plans and turn to renting. This trend has led to a significant increase in rents in all regions of the country, fuelled by the influx of new tenants into the rental market.

Management Mobility Consulting receives the

  • MMC
  • 8 of February 2024

We are extremely proud to announce that Management Mobility Consulting, as one of the founding members of RELOQI©, has been awarded the "Zero Commission" label for the fourth consecutive year. This continued recognition reaffirms our commitment to independence and the interests of our clients, a philosophy we have championed since the inception of RELOQI© in January 2021.

How to wish a happy New Year?

  • MMC
  • 12 of January 2024

In France, wishing a happy new year is much more than a mere formality. It's a warm and friendly tradition that holds great significance in French culture. As a relocation company, we understand the importance of fully integrating into the daily life of the host country. That's why we present this guide to social norms for wishing a happy New Year in France, ensuring that the expatriate experience is even more enriching.

Series: Impacted locations by the 2024 Olympics: a practical guide for expatriates

  • MMC
  • 5 of January 2024

The 2024 Olympics in Paris promise to be a spectacular event, captivating millions of spectators worldwide. However, for expatriates and those undergoing relocation, it is essential to understand the impact of this global event on different geographical areas of the City of Light and beyond.

Management Mobility Consulting Awarded by CorporateINTL for Outstanding Achievements

  • MMC
  • 15 of December 2023

Management Mobility Consulting, steadily evolving since its inception in 1996 by a visionary German entrepreneur, proudly accepts the CorporateINTL award. This honor reflects our commitment to providing top-tier relocation services across over 100 countries.

Christmas traditions in France

  • MMC
  • 23 of November 2023

The festive season in France is rich in age-old traditions and warm festivities. Understanding and appreciating these customs can make it much easier to integrate into the French environment.

Green energy providers

  • MMC
  • 17 of November 2023

When considering relocating, it is essential to take into account not only the location of your new home but also the environmental choices that can impact your daily life. One of these crucial decisions involves your energy source. Opting for green energy can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet.

Series : the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024: a historic event in figures

  • MMC
  • 9 of November 2023

With nine months to go until the Games kick off in Paris, we open our series on the Olympic Games with a few key figures that illustrate the scale and scope of this historic event in France.

Sustainable development and CSR at MMC

  • MMC
  • 2 of November 2023

Unwavering commitment to sustainable development and CSR at MMC: Explore the concrete actions of Management Mobility Consulting (MMC) to preserve the environment, promote social equity, and enhance the quality of life for its employees.

Social Security in France for expatriates

  • MMC
  • 26 of October 2023

In France, Social Security is a fundamental pillar of the social protection system, covering risks such as illness, maternity, disability, death, and old age. For foreigners residing and working in France, access to French Social Security depends on various factors, including their status and the duration of their stay.

Employers' tax: a new exemption

  • MMC
  • 17 of October 2023

While the employer's tax has been transferred to the Public Finance Department since January 2023, with the obligation to declare it coming into practice, a discreet but important new feature has been in place for a few weeks.

The British School of Paris

  • MMC
  • 3 of October 2023

The British School of Paris (BSP), established in 1954, is a co-educational British independent day school for pupils aged 3-18. The school plays an essential role in providing continuity of education for children of all nationalities particularly in response to international mobility. The BSP is the only UK government accredited school in France inspected by British Schools Overseas; conforming to its highest standards of excellence. The qualifications offered at The British School of Paris are A Levels, A Levels take BSP students to top institutions across the world as well as here in France. They inspire a life-long love of subject, effective study habits and remain the most in-depth 16+ qualification in the world today. Interview.

Deauville: the pearl of the Côte Fleurie

  • MMC
  • 21 of September 2023

Located on the Normandy coast, Deauville is a charming seaside town known for its pristine beaches, famous boardwalk, luxury hotels and casino. It's an ideal destination for weekend getaways, sea lovers and nightlife enthusiasts alike.

MMC commended by Ecovadis for ethical and sustainable commitment

  • MMC
  • 14 of September 2023

Management Mobility Consulting: proud recipients of the silver rating by Ecovadis for sustainability and ethical business practices

Luxembourg simplifies hiring norms for third-country nationals with new immigration law

  • MMC
  • 14 of September 2023

Bill of law no. 8227, introduced on 7 August 2023 and effective from 1 September 2023, sees Luxembourg adapting its immigration regulations to facilitate the hiring of third-country nationals.

The place of Paris in international mobility

  • MMC
  • 25 of August 2023

Paris is a destination of choice for professionals, students ans tourists from all over thé world.

The place of Paris in international mobility

  • MMC
  • 25 of August 2023

Paris is a destination of choice for professionals, students ans tourists from all over thé world.

Haussmann-style Paris

  • MMC
  • 17 of August 2023

One of Paris's most distinctive features is its typical architectural homogeneity: around 60% of Parisian buildings are in the Haussmann style. Today, this homogeneity makes the City of Light recognizable by its architectural uniqueness.

ReloQI©: guaranteed independence in the relocation industry

  • MMC
  • 10 of August 2023

Remaining independent when working in the professional relocation sector is a major value for Management Mobility Consulting (MMC). The ReloQI© initiative aims to preserve this independence.

Martina Meinhold honored as MIM fellow for remarkable CSR project

  • MMC
  • 27 of July 2023

We are proud to announce that Martina Meinhold, Founder and Managing Director of Management Mobility Consulting (MMC), has been recognized for her remarkable work in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Martina was awarded a Distinction as a Managing International Mobility (MIM) Fellow of the EURA Academy this July. This prestigious recognition is the result of her incredible dedication and leadership in MMC's implementation of a comprehensive CSR strategy.

Discover MMC, an innovative and dynamic company in the relocation industry!

  • MMC
  • 13 of July 2023

Are you planning to move abroad or recruit international talent? Are you looking for a company that can support you at every stage of your mobility project? MMC can assist you.

A must-see in France: Mont-Saint-Michel

  • MMC
  • 4 of July 2023

Mont-Saint-Michel is a rocky island located in the Manche department of Normandy, approximately 360 km west of Paris. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in France and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979.

Mobili-Pass: what are the prospects after its announced end?

  • MMC
  • 29 of June 2023

Action Logement Services has not yet officially announced whether Mobili-Pass will come to an end or be reconfigured with the new five-year policy.

Management Mobility Consulting wins prestigious innovation and excellence award 2023

  • MMC
  • 20 of June 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Management Mobility Consulting, a leading global provider of relocation and immigration services, has been named the winner of the 2023 Innovation and Excellence Award. Hosted by Corporate LiveWire, this prestigious award recognises exceptional service and innovation within our industry. This marks the second time our team has earned this esteemed accolade, a testament to our dedication to service quality and innovative solutions.

Towards better integration of foreign students in Luxembourg: the new school reception and integration service

  • MMC
  • 15 of June 2023

Discover Luxembourg's innovative School Integration and Reception Service (SIA) facilitating swift integration of foreign students. Personalized guidance, one-stop-shop support, and extended follow-up ensure sustainable success.

ICS Paris, an education for a lifetime of success

  • MMC
  • 13 of June 2023

ICS Paris is a private international school in Paris that welcomes students from over 70 countries. It is part of the Globeducate network – a collection of over 50 schools around the world dedicated to excellence in education. The school delivers an educational experience for students aged 3 to 18 using the International Baccalaureate, an international curriculum taught in English with a strong focus on learning French. This curriculum was founded in Geneva more than half a century ago with the vision of creating a better world through international education. It offers students a broad and balanced curriculum, that champions both academic achievement and personal development and is well-respected by leading universities and colleges worldwide.

Real estate market adjustment in Luxembourg: significant price decline in the second quarter

  • MMC
  • 8 of June 2023

The Luxembourg real estate market is experiencing a correction, with prices declining in the second quarter. High interest rates have reduced buyers' borrowing capacity, resulting in decreased demand. explains this price decline, highlighting drops of up to 7.3% for apartments.

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, a seaside getaway near Paris

  • MMC
  • 6 of June 2023

Discover Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, the pearl of the Opal Coast. This picturesque seaside resort, just two hours from Paris, is a favorite among expatriates, offering beaches, golf courses, water sports, and Art Deco architecture.

The mobility lease: an alternative for temporary rentals

  • MMC
  • 30 of May 2023

Discover the mobility lease (bail mobilité in French), a flexible option for temporary rentals with a tailored rental period and a secure legal framework, ideal for students, workers on the move, and professionals on assignment.

Dublin: Discover the Irish capital!

  • MMC
  • 16 of May 2023

Following the EuRA (European Relocation Association) Congress in Dublin, we unveil the numerous attractions of the city and provide practical information to make the most of your stay. Dublin is the vibrant capital of Ireland! This lively city is brimming with history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal tourist destination for people in search of an exotic getaway. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a history buff, or a nature lover, Dublin will charm you with its friendliness, traditional pubs, historic sites, and natural beauty.

Eco-actions: giving new life to furniture

  • MMC
  • 12 of May 2023

Discover Eco-actions: Give a new lease of life to your furniture! Management Mobility Consulting explores eco-responsible alternatives for expatriates and impatriates, highlighting organizations that collect unused furniture. Find sustainable solutions and support the circular economy.

Mobili-Pass®: countries exempted from tax proof 

  • MMC
  • 4 of May 2023

Here is the list of countries that are not subject to tax proof when applying for a Mobili-Pass® subsidy.

MMC succeeds in the Squadeasy challenge for the environment!

  • MMC
  • 27 of April 2023

MMC takes second place in Luxembourg's top 5 in the Squadeasy challenge for the environment!

Mobili-Pass®: What uncertainties for 2023?

  • MMC
  • 20 of April 2023

What future for the Mobili-Pass® system, which aims to facilitate access to housing for employees on professional mobility?

MMC France, preferred Graebel partner for 2023!

  • MMC
  • 13 of April 2023

A quality partnership for Management Mobility Consulting (MMC) regarding international relocation practices.

MMC and Squadeasy, a challenge for health and the planet

  • MMC
  • 4 of April 2023

Find out how and why MMC embarked on a Squadeasy challenge to improve its corporate responsibility.

20 years of Magellan certification for MMC!

  • MMC
  • 30 of March 2023

MMC is proud of this 20th anniversary!

Rent freeze for poorly insulated dwellings: an initiative to combat energy poverty

  • MMC
  • 23 of March 2023

The freeze on rents for F and G rated homes is intended to combat energy poverty.

Immigration: the situation of Russian nationals

  • MMC
  • 27 of January 2023

We are currently noticing an increase in the number of cases of Russian nationals who have left Russia.

Mobili-Pass 2022-2023

  • MMC
  • 17 of December 2022

Following the distribution of the Mobili-Pass® subsidy which ended on December 1st 2022 for the year 2022, here are some new provisions.

MMC and TripPlanter for carbon offsetting

  • MMC
  • 5 of May 2022

MMC supports carbon offsetting via TripPlanter!

Social Security scam!

  • MMC
  • 4 of April 2022

Beware of Vitale card scams!

Support for the Ukrainians

  • MMC
  • 7 of March 2022

MMC supports Ukraine during these troubled days.

Crisis centre for Ukraine

  • MMC
  • 25 of February 2022

Crisis centre for French citizens in Ukraine.

The vaccination pass in France

  • MMC
  • 10 of February 2022

The vaccination pass came into effect on January 24th.What are the consequences for the population? What are the differences with the health pass? We tell you everything!

Vaccinated abroad: What steps should I take in France to obtain a health pass?

  • 3 of February 2022

Moving to France and vaccinated abroad? Here is what you should do regarding anti-covid vaccination.

French expatriates abroad: how to return to France at the time of the health pass?

  • MMC
  • 9 of August 2021

Are you living abroad as an expatriate and wish to return to France? MMC explains here the steps to take in Covid-19 time and with the arrival of the health pass in the country.

Discover the BOSS of the French Social Security

  • 12 of May 2021

The new Bulletin Officiel de la Sécurité Sociale (BOSS) may be very useful regarding the regulations of the French Social Security and the Urssaf.

Reforestation at the heart of our values

  • MMC
  • 31 of December 2020

Strongly interested in environmental issues, Management Mobility Consulting decided at the end of this troubled year 2020 to plant more than 300 trees as holiday gifts.

Luxembourg: Better Protection for Tenants

  • MMC
  • 15 of August 2020

In view of the sharp rise in rental market prices in recent years in Luxembourg, it is necessary to better control the evolution of rents and rental charges. In the future, the tenant’s protection and information will be improved.

The national deconfinement protocol explained to expatriates coming to France

  • MMC
  • 18 of June 2020

Since the Coronavirus crisis, the world is experiencing an unprecedented situation with a major change in health protocol. Indeed, and even more so since the lockdown, companies taking over an activity must ensure the health and safety of their employees.

How to obtain financial grants AIDE MOBILI-PASS® at your repatriation to France

  • MMC
  • 16 of June 2020

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, many French expatriates have chosen to shorten their stay abroad and return to France. Among the main challenges upon returning from expatriation are finding accommodation in France and registering with the Social Security system.

Covid19: Relocation Services in France and Luxembourg

  • MMC
  • 22 of March 2020

Management Mobility Consulting has adapted its relocation services to the current health situation in France and Luxembourg and offers additional support upon return, with logistics support for expatriates on site and medical care through teleconferences with bilingual doctors.

Luxembourg: Update on immigration rules in the context of the Covid 19 outbreak

  • MMC
  • 21 of March 2020

Visas, residence permits extended for duration of crisis.