Immigration Luxembourg


Work and Residence Permits for Luxembourg, Social Security Registration, Tax Cards, Driving Licenses and Vehicle Formalities

In addition to our other destination services and relocation management assistance in Luxembourg, Management Mobility Consulting can also take care of your immigration formalities, such as work permit and residence permit for Luxembourg, social security registration, tax card and vehicle formalities.

Our services may be part of a comprehensive relocation package or can be booked individually. Please feel free to consult as for any specific administrative requests, such as company permits or the import of foreign vehicles. In cooperation of our agencies in France, Germany and Belgium, we also cover the bordering countries.

Our immigration services in Luxembourg include:

Work and residence permit for Luxembourg:

Management Mobility Consulting provides immigration assistance for non-European residents to obtain work and residence permits for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as permit renewals during their expatriation.

Declaration of the residence with the commune in Luxembourg:

We assist foreign nationals and their family members with all formalities to be accomplished when moving to Luxembourg, such as the declaration of the residence with the commune of residence in Luxembourg in the beginning of the expatriation.

Tax card:

Our assistance includes all required formalities to obtain tax cards for employees relocating to Luxembourg. A tax card is required for every employee working in Luxembourg to carry out the tax deduction and the transfer of the employee's tax credit.

Social security registration:

Our support includes registration of the expatriate and all dependant family members with the Social Security Common Centre, « Centre commun de la Sécurité Sociale » in Luxembourg.

Child benefits request:

Management Mobility Consulting deals with the Luxembourg National Child Benefits Fund, “Caisse Nationale des Prestations Familiales “to request child benefits for families relocating to Luxembourg.

Vehicle formalities and driving license exchange in Luxembourg:

Our services cover the exchange of foreign driving licenses, the registration of foreign vehicles in Luxembourg, the required customs clearance, technical inspections as well as the exchange of foreign license plates. We also support you with the request of parking tax disks.