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Useful practical information for expatriates about living and working in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourgish Way of Life

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg located in Western Europe counts of 613 012 people. This small country is attracting more and more expatriate who are looking for a career and a high-quality way of life.

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Travel with Public Transportation

The Luxembourg network is well-developed, which will allow you to easily travel inside of the country. As from 1st March 2020, all public transports will be free within the Grand Duchy for residents and non-residents (except 1st class).

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Gastronomy in Luxembourg

Restaurants in the Grand-Duchy reflect the special cultural mix. The city of Luxembourg will not disappoint you. Family-style bistro restaurant or gourmet restaurant, they offer a cuisine rich in flavor and culture.

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Educational System in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg international schooling is particularly suitable for the expatriate and ensures a high-standard education for your children. The educational system is multilingual.

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Political System in Luxembourg

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is a parliamentary democracy in the form of a constitutional monarchy.

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Shopping in Luxembourg

With more than 1,000 stores, Luxembourg is the ideal city for shopping addicts. You will have the chance to discover great offers during the sale season.

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The Luxembourg: 15th Favorite Destination for Expatriates

According to InterNations Expat Insider 2018, Luxembourg is ranked 15th best destination for the expats out of 68 countries studied. More than 18,000 expatriates from 178 different countries have responded to the InterNations annual survey.

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Internet, Mobile and Phone Subscription

As an expat, it is essential for you to make an internet, mobile and phone subscription.

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Practice a Sport Activity in Luxembourg

If you are into outdoor sports activities, Luxembourg’s topography is well appropriated, therefore outdoor activities are much appreciated by its habitants.

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Opening a Bank Account in Luxembourg

The first step before opening a bank account will be to choose your establishment. The most common banks are « Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat Luxembourg » (BCEE), « Banque Internationale à Luxembourg » (BIL), « BNP Paribas » and « ING Luxembourg ».

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How to Register my Car in Luxembourg

The owner of a road vehicle from abroad who moves in the Grand-Duchy has 6 months from the date of his arrival to register his car.

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International Schools in Luxembourg

Luxembourg consists of a large international community. The Grand Duchy has developed a diversified school offer to meet the needs of expatriates and their families.

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Home Search in Luxembourg

There is a large offer of rental properties in Luxembourg, but the demand is so high at the same time, and increasingly so, that one does not have much time to make a decision when choosing a property.

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Exchange of Driving Licences in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, the National Society of Automotive Traffic (SNCA) is taking care of the different requests concerning the conversion, exchange or registration of driving licences.

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Registering your Arrival

Each newcomer who takes up its residence within a Luxembourg municipality must be declared at the population office of the administration of the municipality.

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