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Opening a Bank Account in Luxembourg

The first step before opening a bank account will be to choose your establishment. The most common banks are « Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat Luxembourg » (BCEE), « Banque Internationale à Luxembourg » (BIL), « BNP Paribas » and « ING Luxembourg ».

As most administrative file the documents you will need to provide will depend on the institution and the contract you will choose.

However, there are three documents which are compulsory in order to open a bank account:

  • An official proof of identity: a national identity card, an international passport or an EU/EEA identity card.
  • A proof of residency of the last three months: once again it will depend on the bank you choose but your housing contract or utility bills with your name and address on it should be enough.
  • A proof of income in Luxembourg: according to the bank policies and the contract you choose you will be asked to show your employment contract or a certificate of employment

Opening bank account as a non-resident

In Luxembourg it’s common that people work there but live abroad, the banks are therefore accustomed to this situation. Thus, you can open a bank account in Luxembourg even if you are a non-resident. Depending on the bank you choose, the offers might differ between resident and non-resident, but the required documents will be approximately the same.

Opening bank account from abroad

Depending on the bank policies it’s also possible to start your account opening without being in Luxembourg, the documents will have to be send by postal services or e-mails. Some banks also provide fully online services, so you don’t have to visit a bank agency.

Banking fees and charges

For the last tip, make sure that you carefully read the banking fees corresponding to your bank account because they could apply some charges if you are withdrawing at ATMs from a different bank.