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Gastronomy in Luxembourg

Restaurants in the Grand-Duchy reflect the special cultural mix. The city of Luxembourg will not disappoint you.

Family-style bistro restaurant or gourmet restaurant, they offer a cuisine rich in flavor and culture.  The local chiefs are cooking with the best products from the country and we assure you that it tickle your taste buds.

The meat consumption is present even in the most traditional dishes.

The number of foreign habitants increasing constantly, the capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg city offers fabulous international gourmet dishes.

The local cuisine counts many meats, wines, cheese and culinary specialties.

For the wine connoisseurs, we recommend you to visit the valley of the Moselle which suggests delicious local wines and gastronomic specialties.

Did you know?

Luxembourg is the country with the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants, in proportion to its population. The Michelin’s rankings, which is recognized as the “only guide that counts.

You can also find the only woman to have won the prestigious Bocuse d'Or is Luxembourg's Lea Linster.

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