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International Schools in Luxembourg

Luxembourg consists of a varied international community. International banks and companies as well as European institutions hire in Luxembourg people for many different backgrounds who settle in the country with their families.

The Grand Duchy has developed over time a diversified school offer to meet the needs of all these families. French, English and German sections are now available in some local schools and are suitable for expatriates who want to ensure high-standard education for their children, in continuation with the education they might have received or will receive in their previous or next expat destination.

 In addition to these international sections in government schools, there is also an offer of high-quality private education with the International School of Luxembourg, St George's and The European Schools among others. Some of these schools follow the British Cambridge Curriculum leading to A Levels, when others follow the European Curriculum, preparing to the European Baccalaureate.

Therefore, before enrolling a child into a new school in Luxembourg, parents should think about the language they want their children to be taught in, the number of years they plan to stay in Luxembourg, the budget they have for schooling fees, and get an understanding of the various curriculums to assess which one would suit better the needs of their children.