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Exchange of Driving Licences

In Luxembourg, the National Society of Automotive Traffic (SNCA) is taking care of the different requests concerning the conversion, exchange or registration of driving licences.

Driving licences obtained in the European Economic Area

Driving licences obtained in a member State of the European Economic Area are recognised in Luxembourg. In this case, at any time, you have the choice to exchange your foreign driving licence for a Luxembourg driving licence or to register it.  The interest of registering it, is that in the case of loss or theft, the SNCA will provide you with a duplicate. Otherwise, the administrative procedures to obtain a duplicate are much longer.

To register you driving licence you will have to send to the SNCA a photocopy (front and back) of your driving licence, a photocopy of your identity card and join the SNCA form. Depending on the situation, complementary documents can be requested.

However, a traffic offense committed in Luxembourg resulting in loss of points, restriction, suspension or cancellation of your licence will required an exchange of your licence against a Luxembourg one.

To exchange your driving licence the following documents, accompanied with the form, will have to be send to the SNCA:

  • a recent photography (45/35mm)
  • a 30€ fiscal stamp
  • a copy (front and back) of your foreign driving licence
  • a copy of your passport
  • bulletin n°4 from the Luxembourg criminal records dated less than three months

The exchange involves the obligation to submit the foreign driving licence to the SNCA, so it will be returned to the original authorities.

Driving licences obtained outside of the European Economic Area

If you obtained your driving licence in a country outside of the European Economic Area you must convert your licences into Luxembourg driving licences during the first year of your arrival in Luxembourg. According to the category of the driving licence a driving test can be requested by the Luxembourg authorities. During that year, holders of a foreign licence can drive in Luxembourg with their foreign licence.

To convert foreign driving licences, holders must send the SNCA form accompanied by the following documents:

  • a recent photography (45/35mm)
  • a criminal record of the country of origin covering the last 5 years dating less than three months
  • a 30€ stamp
  • a copy of both sides of the foreign driving licence
  • a copy of your passport
  • bulletin n°4 from the Luxembourg criminal records dated less than three months

As a reminder, driving licences can only be converted, if they were issued when their holders were permanent resident or had a student status for at least 6 months in the issuing country.