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There is a large offer of rental properties in Luxembourg, but the demand is so high at the same time, and increasingly so, that one does not have much time to make a decision when choosing a property. There is usually much more than one potential tenant willing to rent the same place, and with comparable profiles, it is first come, first served! It is therefore recommended to spend some time ahead discovering the areas, understanding the means of transport available for commuting, checking the costs involved with renting (rent and monthly charges as well as amounts to be paid upfront when signing a rental lease) compared to one's budget and locate the places which will be part of one's daily life in Luxembourg (office, schools, sport centers, supermarkets and shops, parks, etc...). With all these in minds, it will be easier to choose the perfect new home!

There are many rental agents in Luxembourg and most properties on the market are listed on the following websites:

All rented properties have equipped kitchen. Some are rented fully furnished. The duration of the contract leases can vary from a couple of months to 3 years, renewable and decided by the landlord. When signing a rental lease, the tenant is requested to pay the 1st month rent and charges, a deposit or bank guarantee -2- or 3-months’ rent- and agency fees -1-month rent + VAT. It is mandatory for the tenant to subscribe an insurance policy and keys will not be handed out without a proof of insurance. An inspection is done, with a written report, when entering the property and at the end of the lease to cover all parties.