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Internet, Mobile and Phone Subscription

As an expat, it is essential for you to make an internet, mobile and phone subscription.

Set-up a phone line

After your request for a telephone network connection, you have the choice between a standard analogue telephone line or an ISDN connection. The first line offers basic functions as call reception and fax transmission. The second is a digital line which allow to establish instant communication which is ideal for the enterprises.

Internet in Luxembourg

The mains internet providers offer a high-speed network thanks to the ADSL connection. In order to establish the modem and eventually to configure the WiFi to a network, technicians are sent at your residence. You can also have access to the television offer by Internet if you’re residence is equipped of an ADSL connection.

Mobile operator

You have the choice between fours mobile networks: Post, Tango, Orange and Join Experience. Each operator arranges a variety of packages and prices. Do not hesitate to visit them, the shop assistant should be able to recommend the best option for you.

The optical fiber

Optical fiber provides a better debit than an ADSL connection. It has numerous advantages as:

  • Very high-speed Internet access
  • Use simultaneously screen from your home: smartphone, tablets, TV… without any interruption or slowdown
  • Download legally videos ten times faster than the ADSL.
  • Send or share without difficulties all your large digital files (photos, videos)
  • High-definition TV (HD)