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Travel with Public Transportation

The Luxembourg network is well-developed, which will allow you to easily travel inside of the country.

As from 1st March 2020, all public transports will be free within the Grand Duchy for residents and non-residents (except 1st class). 

Within 4 years, the public transportation should be free in Luxembourg.  For now, the price of a bus ticket is 2 euros. If you need to travel unlimitedly, you can also buy a day ticket which cost 4 euros.

Since the 1st August 2018, all students up to 30 years old, registered in an establishment of higher education benefit from a “mKaart” which allow them to take freely the public transportation. This card is nominative and includes a one-year validity. It is renewable on the condition to show a certificate of registration in an establishment of higher education. Moreover, this card is valid on all the line run by Luxembourg: AVL, RGTR, TICE and CFL

Where to buy my tickets

You can buy a bus ticket directly from ATMs located near public transport or stations. If there is not ATMs at the bus station, you can directly purchase it from the bus driver.

There are other ways to provide you a ticket by the SMS4Ticket system. It involves sending a SMS with your phone to the number 64222 with the letter A as text. If the text is correctly interpretable, the system confirms by message the purchase of a ticket.

The ticket price is assigned on your mobile phone bill. No registration is required to use the system.

Download the App Mticket buy and pay your ticket via PayPal

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