Training and Coaching Luxembourg

Training and Coaching

Intercultural Adaptability, Assessment and Cross-Cultural Training

Living and working in Luxembourg opens the doors in terms of culture, language, job and social opportunities not only for the transferee but also for the relocating spouse. We provide a wide range of customisable and results-oriented solutions for each partner before, during and at the end of the expatriation.

You can benefit from the experience, professionalism and unique set of skills of our consultants, coaches and trainers, all with backgrounds in the areas of intercultural adaptability, assessment and training. All our training sessions can be carried out face-to-face or in form of webinars or video conferences.

Our expatriate training and coaching assistance includes:

Intercultural adaptability assessments

“Overseas Assignment Inventory” questionnaire:

Our « Overseas Assignment Inventory » questionnaire is used to assess your candidate’s and spouse’s intercultural adaptability before the expatriation.

“Overseas Assignment Inventory” interview:

The second step of the candidate’s assessment process is a personal interview which is conducted by our specialists based on the results of the questionnaire.

Assessment report and evaluation:

The results of the questionnaire and the interviews are analysed with the aid of a database of over 5,000 expatriates to set up an « Overseas Assignment » assessment report.

Training sessions and courses

Intercultural trainings:

We provide individual intercultural trainings and webinars « Living and working in Luxembourg » based on the assignee’s professional background as well as on the family’s requirements.

Language courses:

Management Mobility Consulting coordinates French or Luxembourgish language courses for expatriates coming to Luxembourg.

Customised relocation trainings and webinars:

We set up specific training sessions and webinars to facilitate your employee’s relocation to and from Luxembourg. Topics may cover practical information such as Social Security or international schooling, immigration issues or any other relocation related topic.

Coaching – expat, spouse/partner

Spouse employment:

Our individual spouse job search assistance will provide expat spouses with the most efficient tools and methods to access the Luxembourgish job market and to coach them during the job search period.

Expat coaching:

We provide several customizable expat coaching programmes before, during and after the expatriation to and from Luxembourg.

Partner assistance programmes:

Our partner assistance programmes include spouse coaching during all phases of the expatriation as well as assistance with professional and social activities in Luxembourg, in the bordering countries or at the return.