On-site Assistance Luxembourg

On-site Assistance

“À la Carte” Assistance Throughout the Whole Expatriation Process

In Luxembourg, Management Mobility Consulting offers “à la carte” assistance throughout the whole expatriation process. To further ease the administrative tasks of relocation, we offer on-going lease management services for our corporate and individual clients relocating to Luxembourg.

In addition to our tenancy management and financial lease management packages, we provide individual ad-hoc assistance to our clients to address any needs which may occur during the entire relocation period in Luxembourg.

Examples of our on-site services in Luxembourg:

Tenancy management in Luxembourg:

Our tenancy management assistance covers the administrative follow-up of the lease on behalf of our corporate or individual clients. This includes renewals of maintenance contracts, checking of rental increases and liaising with the landlord, if required.

Financial lease management:

Our on-going financial lease management assistance includes the checking and payment of rental related invoices, rebilling to the client’s company on a monthly basis.

Ad-hoc assistance in Luxembourg:

During the relocation assignment, we assist our client for any ad-hoc requests which may arise, such as insurance claims, repair works, decoration, cleaning work or other on-site « à la carte » services in the apartment in Luxembourg.