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15 of June 2023

Towards better integration of foreign students in Luxembourg: the new school reception and integration service

In Luxembourg, a new initiative called the School Integration and Reception Service (SIA) will be launched for the next academic year. This innovative device, composed of 35 members, aspires to facilitate the integration of foreign students within the country's public school system.
The SIA plans to provide personalized guidance for the 4,000 children, adolescents, and young adults who arrive each year in the Grand Duchy during their school years. Thanks to a holistic approach encompassing tests, observations, and interviews, the SIA will be able to establish a precise analysis of each child's situation. Based on this analysis, the service will then be able to promote the swift and tailored integration of each student into a regular class.

Furthermore, the SIA will act as a one-stop-shop for newly arrived families. It will provide detailed information on Luxembourg's school offerings, non-formal education, as well as various available support and accompaniment measures. This approach aims to help families navigate the country's education system more easily.

Beyond initial integration, the SIA also ensures a follow-up of the student for a period of two years. This extended follow-up will ensure that the student's integration is not only successful but also sustainable.
It's important to note that going through the SIA is not mandatory for newly arrived families. They will also have the option to contact coordinators at the fundamental school level and orientation units in high schools to facilitate liaison with the SIA and optimize the integration of their children.

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