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10 of February 2022

The vaccination pass in France

Which consequences?

The vaccination pass will only take into account a complete vaccination scheme (3 doses), or a certificate of recovery from covid-19 of at least 11 days and less than 6 months old to be valid. Unlike the health pass, the presentation of a negative PCR or antigenic test is therefore no longer sufficient. It concerns all persons aged 16 and older.

The vaccination pass allows access to places already covered by the health pass: many establishments open to the public (bars, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres of more than 20,000 sq. m.), but it will also be necessary to use certain means of transport - trains, domestic aircraft, buses, coaches and carsharing. To travel by these means, the law specifies that non-vaccinated people will have to provide proof of a "compelling family or health reason" and a negative test.

As of February 15th, all people aged 18 and older will have to have received a third dose no more than four months after their last injection or infection with covid-19 to benefit from a valid vaccination pass.


What about people who have not been vaccinated or are in the process of being vaccinated?

A temporary activation of the vaccination pass is done for unvaccinated people who are on a vaccination schedule before February 16th - on condition that they receive their second dose within 28 days.

Until they reach a full vaccination schedule, they can present a negative test result instead of the vaccine pass.

Non-vaccinated people can receive their vaccination pass on the day of their first dose, on condition that they present a negative PCR or antigenic test result less than 24 hours old, and that they complete their second dose within one month. They shall receive their booster dose within four months.


Travelling in Europe or abroad: what to do?

From February 1st, the rules have changed for all travels within the European Union. The validity of the vaccination certificate is now limited to a maximum of 270 days (9 months) without a booster dose. This period is likely to vary from country to country, as in France where the validity of the vaccination pass will be limited to four months from February 15th. After these four months, people who have not had the third dose may travel in Europe but not in France.


For international trips, rules also vary a lot from country to country.

In the United States and Canada, a vaccination certificate and a test less than 72 hours old are required; this is also the case in Argentina and Turkey. In Mexico, it is not possible to enter without being vaccinated. For Brazil, only a test less than 72 hours old is required, as for India and Russia. For Japan and Korea, only a compelling reason is valid.


In any case, these rules are subject to change from day to day. It is strongly recommended to check the rules in force on the France Diplomatie website before travelling to a foreign country.


Does the vaccination pass mean the end of the health pass?

No, the health pass will still exist.

There are several exceptions: the health pass is still sufficient for access to hospitals, health centres and EHPAD. In addition, minors aged between 12 and 15 are still required to present a health pass for restricted areas.



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