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12 of January 2024

How to wish a happy New Year?

In France, wishing a happy new year is much more than a mere formality. It's a warm and friendly tradition that holds great significance in French culture. As a relocation company, we understand the importance of fully integrating into the daily life of the host country. That's why we present this guide to social norms for wishing a happy New Year in France, ensuring that the expatriate experience is even more enriching.

1. Strategic timing
The exchange of New Year's wishes typically spans the first few weeks of January. Don't delay in conveying your wishes, but feel free to extend them until the end of the month.

2. Warm physical contact
In France, physical contact is often used to express wishes. Feel free to kiss on the cheeks, shake hands, or exchange friendly gestures, depending on your familiarity with the person.

3. The art of greeting cards
Sending greeting cards remains a cherished practice, although electronic wishes are increasingly accepted.

4. Positivity in wishes
Frame your wishes positively. Wish excellent health, happiness, and a year full of success to those you're addressing.

5. Classic and personalized expressions
Use classic phrases like "Happy New Year!" or "Best Wishes!" and personalize them by adding specific wishes when possible.

6. Family celebrations
Take advantage of family gatherings, especially around New Year's Eve, to exchange wishes.

7. Friendly exchanges at work
At the workplace, take the time to exchange wishes with colleagues, either informally in person or through written messages.

8. Symbolic gestures
Although less common than for other celebrations, offering small symbolic gifts can be appreciated, especially among close acquaintances.

By following these social norms, celebrating the New Year the French way becomes effortless. For an even smoother relocation experience, we would be delighted to assist you. May this New Year be filled with discoveries and success for you and your loved ones!

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