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27 of July 2023

Martina Meinhold honored as MIM fellow for remarkable CSR project

Martina's work, lauded for its detailed roadmap, has established an impressive case study that other members of the EURA Academy can follow. The initiative started with the formation of a dedicated CSR team, aptly named the Green Team. They brainstormed potential CSR issues and identified 12 core subjects spanning staff and coworkers, clients and partners, environment, and external society.

Engaging various stakeholders was a crucial part of the process, and this included employees, consultants, partners, human resources, subcontractors, and local actors. MMC then conducted interviews to understand stakeholders'
perspectives, and these assessments informed the construction of a materiality matrix. This innovative tool allowed MMC to visually position core subjects based on their significance and impact, guiding resource allocation and strategy development.

The success of this project has not only led to recognition within the EURA Academy but has also caught the attention of the broader EURA community.
Martina has been invited to become part of the EuRA Sustainability team, aiding in the development of training programs. Her work will also be highlighted during an ESG Briefing in September, where Martina will discuss the methods MMC used to achieve its CSR goals.

Martina's well-deserved recognition is a testament to the tireless efforts and commitment she has shown towards the integration of CSR in the MMC operational model. It also underlines MMC's ongoing dedication to fostering a sustainable and responsible corporate culture, and we couldn't be prouder.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this exciting achievement, as we continue to push the boundaries in corporate responsibility and international mobility management.

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