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17 of November 2023

Green energy providers

When considering relocating, it is essential to take into account not only the location of your new home but also the environmental choices that can impact your daily life. One of these crucial decisions involves your energy source. Opting for green energy can not only reduce your carbon footprint but also contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet.

Why choose green energy?
Green energies, such as solar, wind, hydro, and biomass, are sustainable alternatives to traditional energy sources like fossil fuels. They decrease dependence on non-renewable energies and limit greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. Choosing green energy directly contributes to environmental protection by reducing air pollution and preserving natural resources.

Choosing green energy has numerous benefits:
• Carbon footprint reduction: Green energies produce fewer CO2 emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change,
• Financial savings: While the initial costs of installing green energy equipment may be high, in the long run, you can save on your electricity bill,
• Price stability: Green energy prices are often more stable than fossil fuel prices, protecting you from market fluctuations,
• Air quality improvement: The use of green energies reduces air pollution and enhances the quality of life in your region.

Which supplier(s) to choose?
Based on our research and with the assistance of the 2022 "Fournisseurs vraiment verts" (truly green providers) ranking by Greenpeace, here are the organizations that have caught our attention:

  • Enercoop: this organization collaborates with small French producers scattered throughout the metropolitan area to offer green electricity. Recognized by several competent authorities, Enercoop ranks first in Greenpeace's ranking.
  • Planète OUI: founded in 2007, Planète OUI is committed to providing 100% renewable electricity and organic, renewable natural gas to its customers.
  • Ilek: their energy comes from small producers located in France. Recognized by Greenpeace and the B Corporation (CSR certification organization), Ilek is among the most prominent companies in the green energy market in France.
  • Plüm Énergie: a company specialized in green electricity, certified by the state with the "VertVolt" label. The energy it provides to customers comes exclusively from small local producers and ecological community projects throughout France.
  • Urban Solar Energy: this electricity provider supports photovoltaic self-consumption. The green supplier was considering developing its own electricity production at the time the ranking was established.

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