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4 of May 2023

Mobili-Pass®: countries exempted from tax proof 

As part of the Mobili-Pass® application process, employees must provide tax documents to prove their financial situation. However, some countries do not apply taxes to the personal income of their citizens. For these employees, it is therefore impossible to provide tax proof. Exceptionally, they are therefore exempt from this obligation, on condition that they provide proof of income translated and converted into euros for the year N-1 or N-2.
Here is the official list of countries concerned by this exemption:
- Saudi Arabia,
- United Arab Emirates,
- Qatar,
- Kuwait,
- Bahamas,
- Bahrain,
- Brunei,
- Cayman Islands,
- Maldives,
- Monaco,
- Oman,
- St Kitts and Nevis (Caribbean Islands),
- Western Sahara,
- Somalia.

If you are an employee from one of the countries on this list, this exemption will make it easier for you to benefit from the Mobili-Pass® subsidy. This will facilitate your settling into your new home to start your new professional life in France.

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