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23 of November 2023

Christmas traditions in France

The festive season in France is rich in age-old traditions and warm festivities. Understanding and appreciating these customs can make it much easier to integrate into the French environment.

The magic of Christmas markets
One of the must-do experiences during the festive season in France is a visit to the picturesque Christmas markets. These markets, found in every town, offer a variety of handicrafts, culinary delights and a unique festive atmosphere. Explore these markets to fully experience the French Christmas spirit.

The Christmas Eve tradition
Christmas Eve is an important celebration in France, marked by a festive dinner with family and friends. Traditional dishes such as stuffed turkey, foie gras and sweet treats like the Yule log are an integral part of the evening. Join in this tradition by sharing a convivial meal with family, French colleagues and friends.

Enchanting illuminations
Streets and buildings are adorned with sparkling lights during the festive season. The Christmas lights transform French towns and cities into magical landscapes. Make the most of this magic with night-time strolls through the illuminated districts, creating lasting memories of this Christmas experience in France.

The "galette des rois"
After Christmas, the celebration continues with Epiphany in January. The tradition of the "Galette des Rois" is a custom where a bean is hidden in a galette, and whoever finds it becomes the king or queen for the day.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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