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12 of May 2021

Discover the BOSS of the French Social Security

The new Bulletin Officiel de la Sécurité Sociale (BOSS) has been created in order to make the regulations of the Social Security and the Urssaf more transparent.


It aims to provide greater readability and accessibility to users - employees and employers. It may also turn out to be useful for international mobility services as well as relocation agencies which, like Management Mobility Consulting, deal with employees' mobility in France and abroad.


The BOSS has the advantage of being an opposable right from April 1st 2021, with specific adjustments. It concerns the legislation on contributions and tax, and is divided into 5 themes:

- General basis of assessment,

- General reductions,

- Zonal tax exemptions,

- Natural advantage and professional expenses,

- severance pay.

The "Complementary social security" section is currently being created and will be published shortly.

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