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8 of February 2024

Management Mobility Consulting receives the

We are extremely proud to announce that Management Mobility Consulting, as one of the founding members of RELOQI©, has been awarded the "Zero Commission" label for the fourth consecutive year. This continued recognition reaffirms our commitment to independence and the interests of our clients, a philosophy we have championed since the inception of RELOQI© in January 2021.

Our role as one of the founding members of this initiative has been crucial in setting the standards of excellence and integrity in the relocation sector. The "Zero Commission" label highlights our approach, which focuses on independence and always prioritizes the client's interest, without accepting any hidden or indirect commissions.

This fourth consecutive recognition testifies to our reputation for integrity and our commitment to maintaining total independence in our services. At Management Mobility Consulting, we place our clients' needs and interests first, ensuring fair and responsible business practices.

The expansion of ReloQI© and its impact

RELOQI© stands out for its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, with a presence now extending internationally, reflecting its ambition to broaden its impact and foster cross-border collaboration. With 15 individual members and 4 corporate partners, RELOQI© shows an impressive dynamic of growth and diversification.
The recognition of Management Mobility Consulting by RELOQI© for the "Zero Commission" label for the fourth time illustrates the excellence and integrity at the heart of RELOQI©'s values. These values are shared by its members and reflect the collective commitment to ethical practices in the industry.

Ongoing commitment to excellence

We are honored by this ongoing recognition from RELOQI© and are committed to maintaining these high standards by offering professional relocation services centered on independence and the client's interests. This distinction reiterates our determination to provide exemplary services, guided by principles of integrity and ethics.

We would like to thank our clients for their continued trust, and we commit to continue providing the highest quality services, in accordance with the ethical principles of RELOQI©. The international expansion of RELOQI© and the diversification of its members and partners underline the importance of collaboration and innovation in pursuing a sustainable and ethical future.

As an integral part of RELOQI©, Management Mobility Consulting is committed to promoting these values and actively contributing to the association's initiatives, thus reinforcing our commitment to uncompromised client service and high-level professional conduct.

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