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30 of May 2023

The mobility lease: an alternative for temporary rentals

For those in search of temporary accommodation, the mobility lease offers an appealing option. Introduced in November 2018 in France as part of the ELAN Law (Housing, Planning, and Digital Evolution), the mobility lease is a rental contract with a minimum duration of one month and a maximum duration of ten months, catering to the needs of tenants requiring temporary housing, such as students, young workers, individuals in training, internships, or professional assignments.

One of the key advantages of the mobility lease is its flexibility in terms of rental duration. Unlike traditional leases that impose a minimum term of three years, the mobility lease can be terminated at any time after the first month, without the need for justification or penalty. This flexibility enables tenants to easily adapt to situations of professional or personal mobility.

The mobility lease also provides tenants with a secure legal framework. Lease agreements must comply with the same rules as other rental contracts, ensuring the rights and obligations of both parties. Furthermore, the security deposit is limited to one month's rent, representing a reduction compared to the two months required for traditional leases. Lastly, the mobility lease saves tenants the additional expenses associated with searching for new accommodation each year, which can be advantageous for those in need of temporary housing.

It should be noted that landlords can also find benefits in using the mobility lease for short-term rental of their properties. However, certain conditions must be met to offer a mobility lease. The housing must be furnished and equipped to allow the tenant to occupy it immediately. Additionally, the rent ceilings set by law must be respected, which vary depending on the city and neighborhood. It is also important to emphasize that a mobility lease cannot be offered to a tenant who has already occupied the property in the past twelve months.

In conclusion, the mobility lease offers an appealing solution for tenants in search of temporary housing and for landlords wishing to rent their property for a short period. Its flexibility in terms of rental duration and secure legal framework make it an option worth considering. If you require temporary accommodation, the mobility lease may meet your needs.

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