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5 of May 2022

MMC and TripPlanter for carbon offsetting

CO2 offsetting aims at counterbalancing carbon emissions generated by all human actions through various means.
TripPlanter is part of this project, allowing travellers to offset the carbon footprint caused by their trip, especially by planting trees. This tool is part of Tree-Nation, a global platform dedicated to tree planting.
TripPlanter calculates the carbon produced during trips (including hotel nights) according to the distance travelled and the means of transport used (car, train, plane, etc.). Depending on the volume of carbon produced, a donation is suggested to finance a reforestation project.

What is MMC Planter?
At the request of Management Mobility Consulting, the TripPlanter tool has been made available on our website, and has been developed to include all elements of a relocation process with offsets from moves and hotel/aparthotel stays.
The process is very simple, one just has to fill in the elements of one's trip, choose the trees to be planted as compensation, then validate and pay.
MMC decided to use this tool on its website as it is in line with its sustainable development and ecological commitment policy. We use it under the name of “MMC Planter”, which enabled to set up several reforestation projects in Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Kenya and Tanzania.
The aim is to repair the damage caused by deforestation in areas already impacted by global warming, as well as to support local populations who suffer the effects of deforestation daily.

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